Living With…Episode 015 Donn Angel Perez Lopez, Malignant Brain Tumor Survivor


Donn Angel Perez Lopez

The Coconot Book: A Story About Faith and Cancer Survival

Welcome to the show everyone! I hope you are all well!

My guest today was born in Venezuela where his passion for art and architecture began.  At the age of 19,  he moved to the United States and eventually received his master’s degree in Architecture from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

He has practiced architecture in various architectural firms in the metropolitan area of Detroit, Michigan and has most recently worked as a college professor and self-supporting designer. Currently he works independently as a freelance architect designer and artist in San Diego, CA.

While starting out in his new career as an architect,  he began experiencing severe dizziness, which became debilitating.  After initially being treated for an ear infection, he was eventually diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.
He is the author of The Coconot Book: A Story About Faith and Cancer Survival.

He is also working on developing his own art and design studio & gallery. His art is Inspired by topics of survival, nature and recognition of the human spirit.

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