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Living With…Episode 010 Richard London, Prostate Cancer & Parkinson’s Disease Survivor


Richard London

Prostate Cancer & Parkinson’s Disease Survivor

My guest today is a cancer survivor, Parkinson’s patient, and a successful entrepreneur.

He’s an author, public speaker and host of the internet talk show Health Chat.  He lives the concepts he teaches.  Using the philosophy of his A Handbook for Life℠, keynotes and workshops.

He’s developed a thriving real estate investment business and started several computer companies, while overcoming multiple financial and physical obstacles.  He has two children and is happily married to his wife of 28 years.  He’s a third degree black belt and has practiced and taught martial arts for over 27 years.  He also has his commercial pilot’s license and was a major in the Civil Air Patrol.

At 19 he was in a life changing motorcycle accident that put him in and out of hospitals for ten months.  He has had a total of nine operations as a result of his accident.

In 2003 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and is now an eleven year cancer survivor.  Two years after his cancer surgery he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but he has never let his spirits down.

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