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Living With…Episode 001 Vinnie Tortorich, Leukemia Survivor


 Angriest Trainer Podcast

Welcome to the show everyone! I hope you are well!

My guest today is the host of the extremely popular health & fitness podcast The Angriest Trainer.
He’s a former model.
He’s Hollywood’s go to guy for health & fitness.
He’s the personal trainer to the stars.
He doesn’t eat sugars or grains.
He’s an endurance athlete.
He has six-pack abs.
He’s ripped.
He sleeps with a Bond Girl.
He’s the best selling author of Fitness Confidential.
He’s developed his own line of vitamins.
He does shots of Villa Cappelli olive oil.
And yes most importantly, he’s a Leukemia survivor.

Why is he so angry? Stick around we’ll find out.

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